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Marksmen Marine

Marksmen Marine Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading feed ingredient manufacturers in India with years of proven credibility as a quality manufacturer and exporter of the finest quality Fishmeal & Fish Oil.

We are part of the Marksmen group of companies, Located in the state of Kerala, on the southwest coast of India, Cochin. Where the availability of the best-suited sardine and other various species of fish for the production of high-quality fishmeal and fish oil is in abundance, our fish meal and fish oil are of superior quality. We supply to almost all the major feed manufacturers across India and to all export markets abroad and the demand is increasing daily.

Our mission is to redefine the quality parameters and set a new global benchmark with the quality standards of our fishmeal and fish oil. We have very strong and ambitious expansion plans & strategies to attain this objective.

We Methodically produce and supply fish oil & fish meal across Asia & Europe.

Procured and Delivered by partnering with global industry experts

Fish Oil

Fish oil is derived from separating oil from the press water by centrifuging. It has a high content of essential omega 3 fatty acids. It is the most suited ingredient for the production of feed for farmed animals because of its palatability as a result of its fishy smell. The fish oil we supply has a typical FFA range of 2-4%, and an Iodine value above 140 gl / 100 gm.

Fish Meal

Fishmeal is produced by cooking wild-caught marine fish. The process involves separating the flesh part and water by pressing followed by indirect steam drying and powdering. Our fishmeal normally consists of about 60-70% protein, 10-12% fat, and 6-8% moisture. It is an excellent source of animal protein and hence used in aquatic feed manufacturing because of its nutritional qualities and palatability, fish meal is the preferred animal protein component in aquaculture feed manufacturing, especially shrimp farming. Consistency in quality parameter levels of fishmeal helps manufacturers ensure the quality consistency of the feed manufactured.

Our Specialization

One of the most vital aspects in the production process of fish meal and fish oil is the selection of raw materials. An experienced and dedicated team works hand in hand with the fishermen community from selection to timely arrival of fresh fish to ensure consistent quality.

As a HACCP Certified company, our entire team is committed to the HACCP approach. Right from top to bottom the management and employees are equally aware of the cost and benefits of adhering to such a systematic approach and the same is reflected in our systems and practices. A dedicated team of two key members is made responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the HACCP system and practices.




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